About Our Founder & CEO

Brad Padden

Brad is the CEO and founder of Housing Diversity Corporation, a co-founder of O.Z. Navigator and Anew Apartments, and a sponsor of numerous other projects currently under construction.

He seeks to address the severe undersupply of livable, attainable housing in core urban neighborhoods. With his partners, Brad has assembled a portfolio of 473 beautifully designed apartments in core Seattle neighborhoods through adaptive reuse, repositioning, and ground-up construction and has an additional 2,902 apartments under construction/in permitting across various projects in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Brad regularly collaborates with other philanthropists, investors, and leaders in the real estate industry. He prioritizes creating projects with naturally occurring affordability that also contribute to sustainability. Nella McOsker of the Central City Association (CCA), recently described Brad’s project at 1317 S Grand in DTLA as a project that, “helps realize a more inclusive, equitable downtown and city by providing naturally affordable housing without any public dollars.”

Brad’s commitment to efficient housing and healthy communities also extends to the preservation, seismic upgrading, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings in urban centers. This passion led Brad to co-found the Alliance for Safety, Affordability and Preservation (ASAP!), an advocacy group that created a plan and a funding path to bring 1,145 seismically vulnerable unreinforced masonry buildings in Seattle up to modern safety standards. ASAP! was behind Seattle City Council Resolution 32033, which directs that city departments develop an accountable seismic retrofit program complete with financial incentives for developers and strategies to mitigate the displacement of affected residents.