About Housing Diversity Corporation

Housing Diversity Corporation is a multi-family housing innovator dedicated to providing a forward-thinking alternative to traditional apartment living in urban centers. Offering generous amenity packages in a small footprint, these spaces allow people to “live life at the 50 yard line” with beautiful surroundings and modern designs at an accessible price point.

The development of traditional multi-family housing in urban centers increasingly fails to support the “missing middle” (individuals earning 60%-120% of the area median income who comprise the majority of a city’s workforce). Outdated housing infrastructure fails to meet demand, driving people out of the community. Through a mix of adaptive reuse, repositioning, and ground-up construction projects, HDC leads the industry in providing high-quality rental housing in desirable locations.

Founded by Brad Padden, the Seattle-based developer best known as co-founder of Anew Apartments, HDC has projects under development in Los Angeles and Seattle with plans to expand across the west coast. Housing Diversity Corporation provides subject matter expertise in sourcing projects, developing highest and best use analysis, information management and long-term stewardship of all of its multi-family projects.

Our 4 Core Criteria

HDC projects vary in type and location, but all serve the greater good of community, residents and private sector across four core criteria:

Provide varied housing alternatives for middle-income city dwellers

Support a sharply lower carbon footprint

Promote purpose-driven lifestyle choices

Guarantee comfort, safety, and person-centered design at any price point.